Ways to Win a 100% Off Discount Code



Contest Period: 8th January 2018 to 7th February 2018 

(Result will be announced on 10th February 2018)

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Contest Rules and Regulations:

Remark: You are advisable to watch the video above too. 

1) There will be 3 winners in this contest. Each winner will win a 100% off discount code which will entitle them to add up to 10 baby and kids’ products (of their choice of any price) from our online store and have these products shipped to their doorstep for absolutely FREE.


Each winner will be picked through 3 different ways as below:


Way 1: Through random drawing.

Way 2: You automatically become winner if the friend you referred gets picked to be the winner via random drawing.

Way 3: Accumulates the most entries in the contest.




2) Please check for email entitled “Wow! Contest Time” after you have signed up/entered our contest and look for your unique referral link in the email. Then, you can start sharing your referral link through email or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Do make sure/remind your friends sign up through your referral link, that is how you and your friends can earn more entries to win in the contest.




3) Entry Point System:


a) Enter this contest without referral > 1 entry

b) Enter this contest via your friend’s referral link > 10 entries

c) Refer a friend (provided your friend signs up with your referral link) > 10 entries

d) If you share on social media:

~ Share on Facebook per time > 1 entry

~ Share on T witter per time > 1 entry

~ Share on Google+ per time > 1 entry

~ Share on WhatsApp per time > 1 entry

~ Share on Pinterest per time > 1 entry

~ Share on LinkedIn per time > 1 entry




4) We will update the status of the contest, such as the top sharers of the week through:


a) Our MyQTBB’s Facebook Page. Please ‘like’ our page in order to get updates of the result in your Facebook’s news feed.

b) Please send us a message by clicking on the “Send to Messenger” button at the top of this page. So that we can send you the result updates via private message on Facebook Messenger.




5) Fraud Detection:


Please be reminded that we have fraud detection included for this contest campaign. For any contestants who attempt to enter fake addresses in the contest or play tricks for gaining more entries will be detected and blacklisted easily by our system. Those who are blacklisted will be disqualified in the contest straight away. So please share about the great news with your friends sincerely using your unique referral link, you will automatically stand a higher chance to win. Happy sharing and good luck to you! 🙂





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