8 Christmas Shopping Hacks That’ll Save You Money

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Does your holiday shopping stress you? Every year we shop for gifts for our families for Christmas. It can be stressful and expensive event. Below are 8 Christmas shopping hacks that make your shopping less chaotic and more enjoyable, as well as save you more money.

1) Make an overall budget.

The holidays can be expensive. Determining an overall budget for everyone on your list, will help keep you from breaking the bank.


2) Make a budget for everyone on your list.

Make your list and then determine a budget for each person. This will allow you to plan what to get the individual and keep you on your overall budget. Include alternative gift ideas for each person to help you stay on budget.


3) Buy a gift card each pay period.

Planning for the holidays should start after they end. Starting in January through the month of October, buy a predetermined amount on a gift card each pay period for your most frequented stores to use during your holiday shopping. For example, collect gifts cards for Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to use on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


4) Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make sure to get the great deals and savings on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If the long lines and crazy hours of Friday are not your style, then make sure to check out deals on Cyber Monday.


5) Download store apps for exclusive coupons.

If you miss the sale deals, then make sure to download the app for each store where you are shopping. These apps help with online price matching, exclusive coupons, and deals. The Target app has additional discount coupons and can be used to price match online items to store items. Kohl’s also has an app that provides coupons and deals to use in store.


6) Sign up for loyalty rewards.

Sign up for loyalty rewards programs before the holidays. Retailers like Children’s Place, Best Buy, Footlocker, and much more give coupons towards your next purchase.


7) Check social media.

Retailers place ads their social media sites such as Facebook. This is a good place to monitor for deals at storefronts and online retailers. Amazon, Sketchers, Zulily and many more use platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach consumers and let them know about deals and promotions.


8) Have all shopping done by December 19th.

The most important thing is to make sure your shopping is completed by December 19th. Retailers no longer drop the price on items after the 19th. So, complete your shopping before then because retailers know you are in a pinch for presents.


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