20+ Creative Christmas Gifts for Babies and Kids

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Before heading to the store to purchase the next “it” toy, look at this list of unique gifts to get for babies and kids this Christmas. Give your kids a unique gift instead of buying the same gift as all the other parents. Your children will thank you while their friends are jealous.


1) Mimic Talking Hamster

This hamster can mimic whatever words or sounds uttered by your babies and kids. Your children will definitely have fun playing with it. You can watch the demo video of this talking hamster here. 


2) Personalized Board Book

The personalized board book library allows you to add your photos and personal touches to adorable titles. In 3 easy steps, you can create a unique story book filled with photos of your little one that you will both cherish forever. Just choose the title you like and begin personalizing! You can get the personalized board book here. 


3) Educational and Interactive 4D Flashcards

Most of the time, we teach our children objects by showing them 2D pictures. But with this learning tool, you can get your children to recognize objects in 4D format where the sounds, shapes, movement and actual appearance in reality of the objects (animals, occupations, etc) are depicted. Watch the product demo video here. 


4) Peek-A-Boo Animated & Musical Elephant

Animated and musical elephant plays peek-a-boo and sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low ” with flappy ears to delight your babies and kids. You can watch the demo video of this peek-a-boo elephant here. 


5) Sensory Boards for Toddlers

Sensory boards can help kids with fine-motor skills and sensory play while giving parents some time of peace and quiet. You can get different types of handmade sensory boards here. 


6) Creative and Modern Stuffed Toy Bean Bag/Chair

A storage bag that can be used to keep your children’s stuffed toys and be treated as bean bag. You can get it here. 


7) Inflatable Hopper

This toy will help your children to learn balancing and coordination. It is not just for fun, with the hopping horse, children will first learn to sit on it, find their balance without falling and after a few tries, the hopping horse will be become their preferred method of transportation. You can get it here. 


8) The Adventurous Mailbox

The Adventurous Mailbox offers entertaining and educational adventure books which are weaved together the themes of global awareness, the environment, cultural diversity and more. How does it work? Kids will receive a gift package from abroad, covered in foreign stamps and postmarks. After they open the package, they find a very attractive illustrated soft cover book, a decorative box to keep all the books in as they arrive (approximately one book a month), and an invitation and a secret code for an online community at www.crameye.com. On this website, kids can interact with the characters of the book, follow the main characters’ blogs, play games, learn world languages, take part in contests, etc. The package is very impressive….the website is fun….and the books are great. (Source: www.homeschool.com)


9) Fun Dinner Tray

This creative meal tray is suitable for picky eaters. It is great in motivating them to eat more. These trays are available in few designs. See what are the available designs here. 


10) Colorful Water Flutes

Add music to your child’s bath times with this excellent set of 5 water flutes. Your kids can add water to create notes. They can follow the song sheets given to play music too. It is an excellent entertainment for young children at bath time. You can get it here. 


11) Little Patient

A cute plush toy that helps children to recognize our internal organs in a fun way. You can get it here. 


12) Baby Floral Bath Mat

Let your baby have an enjoyable bath time in this soft and comfortable floral bath mat. It can be used as bathtub directly. And it can be put in the sink to take a bath for baby. The blooming flowers shape makes it very suitable for baby photo-taking. You can watch the demo video here. 


13) Mini Reward / Candy Dispenser Machine

This candy dispenser machine can be treated as a “reward dispenser machine” too. If your kids like to eat chocolate or candy, you may treat it as a reward dispenser machine and only allow them to ‘claim’ their rewards when there are certain tasks completed by them. Alternatively, you can also consider put some small notes (where the ‘rewards’ are written on the small notes) into the dispenser machine, where your kids are only allowed to ‘claim’ the small notes (to know what rewards they are getting) from the machine when they achieve something. You can get this candy dispenser machine here. 


14) Personalized Kids Books

Dinkleboo has personalized children books that are unique and special to every child. When you order your personalized books, you are getting a personalized gift that everyone in the family will love. With so many children’s books out there today, add a personalized storybook that will stand out and be unique to the special children in your life. You can get the personalized kids books here. 


15) Monster Clompers

One small step for monsters, one giant step for little feet! These giant, foam, monster feet stilts are for stomping, indoors or out! Great way to promote balance and coordination. Little ones can pull up on the sturdy rope handles to walk, stomp and play like little monsters. Watch the demo video of Monster Clompers here. 


16) Creativity Playsculpture

Studies show that construction toys/blocks help children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, social skills and a capacity for creative and divergent thinking. Zolo sets are abstract in shapes, your kids can make both real-world objects or creatures. Zolo invites your kids to add their own personality and ideas into the creation. There are many types of construction sets available. Check it out here. 


17) Personalized Mealtime Sets for Kids

Personalized mealtime sets for kids can help turn dinner into a more relaxing and enjoyable time that each family member can look forward to. You can check it out here. 


18) DIY Christmas Paper Craft House

What about let your kids have fun of building their own Christmas paper craft house? It is a chance to let them put in some effort of ‘creating’ their own Christmas gift. You can get it here. 

19) Nylon Canvas HugglePod HangOut with LED Lights

This cozy hanging HugglePod HangOut is roomy enough for kids to climb inside and hang out! With three porthole-style windows, a Velcro® flap door, and a plump removable cushion that’ s stuffed with polyfill made from recycled water bottles, it makes a comfy spot to play, read, listen to music, or simply snuggle. Watch the demo video here. 


20) Turn Your Child’s Drawing into Stuffed Animal

Celebrate your child’s artistic creations and bring their dreams to life with a custom plushie they’ll love forever. A precious gift that’ll make your child feel super special. Turn your child’s drawing into stuffed animal here at Budsies.


21) Handmade Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

What about buying your child a mermaid tail blanket? You can get it here. 


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