10+ Funniest Christmas Gifts that Spice Up Your Christmas

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Everyone always receives the same gifts every year. This year spice up your gift giving skills with these Funniest Christmas Gifts. This year you will be bringing the best white elephant gift.

1) Funny Belly Waist Bag

What about a funny belly waist bag for your partner? There are 6 different types of funny waist bags, with different skin tones and hair density you can choose from. You can get it here.


2) Chewing Gum Magnets

What about creating some fun at your home with these chewing gum magnets? You can get them here. 

3) “In Case You Get Crap for Christmas”

What about spicing up somebody’s toilet time with the ‘crap’ toilet paper? You can get it here. 


4) Funny and Flexible Soft Glasses Cum Drinking Straw

Let your kids have some fun while drinking their favorite beverage with the funny soft glasses drinking straw. You can get it here. 


5) Zombie Survival Kit

A zombie survival kit includes all the things one would need in case of a zombie apocalypse. What can you include in this survival kit? Details of idea can be found in this blog here.


6) Men Shaving Bib

Not only your baby needs a bib. Your husband/boy friend does need a bib. Below is the bib they need.  Here is where you can buy them a bib. 


7) Emergency Underpants

“Better safe than sorry”. Carry these emergency underpants just in case an unwanted emergency comes up. Remember, no one wants to be walking in soiled pants. Just imagine all the embarassment. Emergency underpants are packaged in a small container so no one will know that you are carrying them. You can get it here. 


8) Adult Achievement Stickers

Adulting is hard. You deserve recognition for a job well done. Reward your friends or yourself with a special sticker for accomplishing an adult achievement. Here are where you can get the 16 hilarious stickers. 


9) Beard Ornaments

Let these small Christmas ornaments add a little vibrant color to your husband/boy friend’s personal style during the cold and winter months. Each beard and mustache ornament is fitted with a mini-clip on the end that offers a firm, hair-safe grip perfect for hair of all lengths and density. You can get it here. 


10) Funny Pacifier for Babies

Let have a fun photo-shooting session with your babies with these funny-looking pacifiers. You can get them here. 


11) Boomf Surprise Cards

If you are thinking of sending christmas cards to your friends and family, Boomf  is definitely a recommended choice if you want to provide surprises and fun to the recipients. Watch this video here to understand what I am talking about.


12) Toilet Coffee Mug

What about a toilet bowl shaped coffee mug for coffee lover? You can get it here. 


13) Reverse Gift

What about the idea below? LOL… (Source: funsubstance.com)


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